Messianic Judaism and Pure Water-An Analogy

Let’s say that I am really thirsty for water. It is what my body was meant to drink. But all I can find is coffee and soda. What am I going to do? If I need to get pure water, I could get it a couple ways: I could go find a spring, I could filter the coffee or I could filter the soda. Now what would you say if I finally got some water and someone saw me and reported that I was drinking a mix of soda and coffee. They would be crazy, right? You don’t get water from mixing soda and coffee together! Soda and coffee both contain water, but mixing them together wouldn’t give you water. It would give you something nasty to pour down the drain. This coffee-soda logic is similar to the logic used in Wikipedia’s article on Messianic Judaism.

Wikipedia’s source sees elements of Judaism and Christianity in Messianic Judaism, so it says Messianic Judaism is a syncretic blend of the two mainstream religions. Nothing could be further from the truth! Like pure water is soda or coffee with all the added stuff filtered out, Messianic Judaism is the attempt to root out syncretism from Christianity and Judaism to return to a pure form of living for the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, Israel, Peter, John and Paul. Period.

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