Hope in the Midst of Sorrow

Today, August 5th 2014, is the 9th of Av.

We mourn for all the terrible things that have happened on this day, but are we left in sorrow, or do we find hope?

Lamentations is such a sad book, but it is also a hopeful book. Jeremiah describes Judah in the worst possible scenario: in God’s wrath, eating their own babies. Yet Jeremiah still has hope in God because, “The Lord does not reject forever,” (Lamentations 3:31). Judah’s horrifying state is contrasted with our eternal hope in the chesed (loving kindness) of our God. In our darkest moments, we see the light of the Lord the most clearly.

So what is our hope? The end of Lamentations tells us- our hope is in the Lord, who brings us back to Him.

“Bring us back to you, HaShem, and we shall return, renew our days as of old.”


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