Yeast That’s O.K. for Passover?

When we read the scriptures about Passover in the English, it appears that all foods “with yeast” are not allowed at Passover. Unfortunately, we know this is impossible since we read in the gospels that Yeshua drank wine at his last Passover Sedar, and wine is made with yeast. At the Passover Sedar, it is […]

Purim Repeated in our Day

The festival of Purim will arrive Wednesday night, March 4, and will last through sundown Thursday. This Purim seems more significant than ever, with all the events that are taking place around the world. Antisemitism is on the rise, not only in Europe, but around the world. In the United States, college campuses have become […]

Hope in the Midst of Sorrow

Today, August 5th 2014, is the 9th of Av. We mourn for all the terrible things that have happened on this day, but are we left in sorrow, or do we find hope? Lamentations is such a sad book, but it is also a hopeful book. Jeremiah describes Judah in the worst possible scenario: in […]

The Three Weeks: Mourning and Praying

We are in the midst of “the three weeks”. These somber days began on the 17th of Tammuz (July 15th this year) and lead up to the 9th of Av (August 5th this year). We’re sad about all the bad things that happened on these dates, especially the destruction of the Holy Temples and our […]

The secret to making the best cheesecake is…

It’s traditional to eat dairy on Shavuot (Pentecost), so now is the perfect time dig out your very best cheesecake recipe. Dust off that spring-form pan and rev up your food processor. Delicious-ness is straight ahead! So how do you begin a cheesecake that ends with the compulsion to lick your plate clean? 1. Mix […]

7 Activities for Omer-Counting Fun!

Do you wish every year that you had made counting the Omer more fun or significant for your family? Well, make your count count today! Here are 7 ways that you can celebrate keeping the commandment to count the Omer: 1. Make a paper chain. We all made these chains at school to count down […]