Do you count the Omer the right way?

That’s right. I said it. There’s only one right way to count the Omer! But… maybe only G-d knows which it is for sure. I believe the sadduceean count, which starts on the Sunday after Passover, is the correct count because it is the day that Messiah Yeshua was raised from the grave as the […]

Annual March of Remembrance-This Sunday

The annual March of Remembrance will be held all across the United States, Austria and Hungry on Sunday, April 27th, 2014.This event gathers Christians and others to pray and remember together in honor of Holocaust Memorial Day, which is officially on Monday, April 28th this year. All across the world we will stand against the […]

Home-made Matza Recipe

Happy Feast of Unleavened Bread everyone! I hope you had a meaningful Pesach. With Pesach comes the dry, cardboard-like bread we commonly call matza. But I’m here today to show you how to make your own matza that tastes very much like a cracker you might buy at the grocery store any time of the […]

7 Shabbat Scriptures

On Shabbat, I like to read scripture about the Sabbath. Often because I don’t feel sure about what God wants. It’s always best to go back to the word when we feel that way. The word has an awesome way of leading us into the presence of God. So let’s get going-God is expecting us. […]

Recipe for a Great Shabbat

Of all the feasts of the Lord, Shabbat is pretty much the best. What could top getting one day a week to kick back and enjoy G-d’s blessings? You’ve heard it said, “Thank goodness it’s Friday!” Well, Baruch HaShem for giving Shabbat to enjoy every Friday night and Saturday! He commanded the following in Leviticus […]