Hanukkah means dedication and is a holiday to remember the re-dedication of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem after the Seleucids destroyed it during the Maccabean revolt. In 165 BCE the Maccabees regained control of the temple and rededicated it to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

We know Yeshua (Jesus) made a point of going to the temple for Hanukkah in John 10:22. But the story behind Hanukkah doesn’t appear in our regular Bibles. The books of Maccabees, which tell the Hanukkah story, are in the apocrypha. Hanukkah is all about rejecting syncretism and idolatry and choosing to worship G-d alone. When we celebrate Hanukkah, we celebrate G-d fighting for his people and winning the battle for them, just like He did throughout scripture (e.g. leaving Egypt, entering the promised land and stories of Deborah, Gideon, David, Hezekiah, etc.).

When we celebrate Hanukkah, we are celebrating G-d preserving His word and His people for His glory unto this very day. Baruch HaShem!